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Sounds | Pia Isa, Quiet Beach

Loodzware, trage drones en dromerige vocalen kenmerken het solowerk van de Noorse bassiste/zangeres van Superlynx. Helemaal in de lijn van Earth of Sunn o))), of zoals de donkerzwarte, massieve golven uit de video.

Distorted Chants verschijnt digitaal op 25 maart 2022 via Argonauta Records.

Luister ook naar: Follow The Sun


Having played and written music for most of her life, a solo album has been brewing in Pia Isa´s mind for a long time. The bassist and vocalist of Norwegian heavy psych and doom act Superlynx, is now gearing up for the release of her debut solo affair.

As much as Pia loves playing with Superlynx and other fellow artists, her ideas for this album seemed more right to work through on her own. Pia is inspired by massive soundscapes, heavy psych, meditative moods, desert vibes and eastern scales as well as her nordic coastal surroundings. But give ear, as Pia just premiered a second single taken from her Distorted Chants, following the previously released, first song and video clip for "Follow The Sun" (feat. Gary Arce of Yawning Man on guest guitar).

"The theme of Quiet Beach is represented by water – big wild waves, moving towards a quiet beach." Pia says. "I feel very connected to the sea and a quiet beach to me is a strong representation of peace of mind and the best place I can find myself. I wanted to get a sort of wavy feeling in the song, the sound and video too. This is also one of the first proper videos I have made myself, since becoming more interested in working with video the last couple of years." Being open minded and not caring about fitting to any genres but channeling honest and heartfelt music in her own way, the album is deeply personal and been a cathartic process for her, stretching from her inner self and throughout nature. Distorted Chants was recorded in early 2021, and will feature high class guests such as Ole Teigen (Superlynx) on drums and guitarist Gary Arce (Yawning Man, Big Scenic Nowhere) on three of the album tracks.


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