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Sounds | Parkway Drive, The Greatest Fear

Het is nog een kleine twee maand wachten op Parkway Drive hun nieuwe album Darker Still, dus een nieuw voorproefje is meer dan welkom. Onlangs kregen we The Greates Fear te horen, opnieuw een rasechte Parkway Drive song. Ik weet niet hoe deze band keer na keer steengoede muziek weet uit te brengen, maar ze doen het toch somehow!

"The greatest fear, the one we all share; this song is about the unifying force we all must face — death," aldus zanger Winston McCall. "The goal was to create a song that saw death not as something that separates, but something that connects us all on our paths. Musically, we wanted to create a song that did this concept justice. It's heavy, it's epic and when it stomps it leaves an impact."

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Lees It’s the first new material fans are hearing from the Byron group since 2018’s Reverance album. And look, if ‘Glitch’ is the kick off of a new album chapter, this is going to get people excited for what’s still to come.

The visuals, directed by Allan Hardy, matches the energy of the track; throwing frontman Winston McCall and the band into a dark space full of night terrors and the unexplained. Add dashes of bombastic pyrotechnics in the mix, and it’s classic Parkway – but with a fresh edge.

“Parkway Drive have always walked the line of balancing the light and the dark, and ‘Glitch’ is no exception,” the band has said in a statement.

“Sonically, we aimed to create a dark, heavy, and unnerving journey while still crafting a melody that burrows its way into your mind. Lyrically, the song deals with the phenomenon of night terrors and sleep paralysis. We all know the power our minds possess, but true terror manifests when your mind and all its fears takes physical control of your body. The glitch in your brain, where nightmares and reality cross.”


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