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Sounds | Ophidian I, Spiral to Oblivion

Ik ga er, vanaf vandaag, voor pleiten dat het spelen van metal - onder bepaalde omstandigheden - wordt erkend als topsport. Als het dan een aantal jaren op de mensheid heeft kunnen inwerken, wordt het een Olympische sport en hoe mooi gaat het dan worden? Stel je voor dat ieder land zijn eigen bands uitstuurt om met één van de felbegeerde medailles thuis te komen.

Als dat ooit gebeurt, quod non, dan gaat IJsland zonder enige twijfel onder andere Ophidian I naar het organiserende land toe sturen. Deze mannen hebben afgelopen week de tweede single gelanceerd, afkomstig van het album dat 16 juni a.s. uitkomt, Desolate.

Het nummer in kwestie heet Spiral to Oblivion en is een parel! Het begint zodanig abrupt dat je je kunt afvragen of dat feitelijk wel echt mogelijk is, maar dat is bijzaak. Evenals het plotselinge einde. Hetgeen daartussen zit is echter zo ontzetten gaaf en mooi, dat je begin en eind gewoon vergeet. Virtuoos. Snel. Strak. Authentiek. Dit nummer heeft het allemaal.


The band comments on the new album and track: "‘Spiral To Oblivion’ was among the first songs we wrote for the album and has been a band-favourite since its inception. With this song we wanted to make a very death metal oriented song but keep prominent focus on the attributes we were striving for with the album and sound of the band as a whole - memorable melodies and solid structure & composition. To sustain apt harmonious guidance, the guitar leads and melodies became a centrepiece of this song. As with many other songs on the album the guitar leads serve as the central source of melody and are present throughout the bulk of the song. We feel that we ended up with a full-force, tech-death banger that we can’t wait to play live. Our friend Ásgeir Helgi did a great job on the video; capturing the spirit and essence of OPHIDIAN I."

With a clear goal of reaching the apex of technical metal in terms of proficiency, arrangements and sound, OPHIDIAN I has produced the destructive full-length album ‘Desolate’.

Emerging from Iceland; the barren island in the north, home to apocalyptic weather, eruptions, and storms. The breeding intensity, blazing speed, and ferocity of OPHIDIAN I reflects the chaos it hails from as well as the inherent beauty and complex harmony. Consisting of familiar faces within the Icelandic scene as members of bands such as Helfró, Beneath, Une Misère and Atrum; OPHIDIAN I set forth with the intent of testing the boundaries of the extreme, while retaining focus on composition and arrangements.

After getting together and realizing the goal was within reach, the band spent days upon days in the rehearsal space expanding and calibrating their physical and mental abilities in order to actualize the envisioned form of OPHIDIAN I. Bound and determined to create an absolute no-compromise piece of work, OPHIDIAN I headed to the studio after having honed in on the direction and arrangements of the 10 songs that were to become ‘Desolate’. Remaining extremely meticulous throughout the process, the methodically performed tracks were handed over to Christian Donaldson (THE GRID) for mixing and mastering. To finalize the vision, Eliran Kantor took to creating artwork fitting the forementioned direction and soundscape. With the completion of ‘Desolate’ the raison d’être of OPHIDIAN I had been established and partially fulfilled. Bringing the ferocity to the masses is now a central objective.

Incessantly at work, OPHIDIAN I is a monumental brute-force to be reckoned with. Amidst the dominant roster at Season of Mist, OPHIDIAN I will be unyielding in their claim to be amongst the titans of the industry. With various influences ranging from all styles, the unique melt of technical death metal – with immersive melody and hooks at every corner – ‘Desolate’ will appeal to all those who seek peak militant musicianship on all fronts.


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