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Sounds | OH HIROSHIMA, All Things Pass

De Zweedse post-rockmeesters OH HIROSHIMA brengen op 4maart 2022 hun vierde studio album Myriad uit via Napalm Records. Na de single Humane krijgen we nu All Things Pass te horen, een nummer dat gaat over de constante stroom van tijd en het omarmen van de eindeloze veranderingen die het met zich meebrengt. Uitkijken dus naar het volledige album Myriad dat eraan komt op 4maart 2022 via Napalm Records.

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Lees March 4, 2022 will see Swedish post-rock duo OH HIROSHIMA release their haunting fourth studio album, Myriad, via Napalm Records. Following their latest magnum opus, Oscillation (2019), and due to pandemic lockdowns, the band channeled all of their time and creativity into delivering an epic successor. It’s that mixture of emotions – from infinite sadness to moments of clarity and heart-rending melodies blending into a rumbling volcano of aesthetic noise and ferocious power, but also the unique use of trumpets, cello and trombones throughout – that sees OH HIROSHIMA outclass and grow renowned not only in post-rock circles, but beyond.

The mournful key-based intro of their brand new single, “All Things Pass”, leads into the darkest, bleakest facets of OH HIROSHIMA’s epic sonic universe, while its glistening guitar lines and the otherworldly voice of Jakob Hemström match the imposing melancholy of the track and throughout the record. Give ear, as today the brothers share a video clip for “All Things Pass”


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