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Sounds | Nova Twins, Cleopatra

De ene keer slaat het aan bij me, de andere keer niet. Hoe energieker en gekker, hoe liever ik het heb. Cleopatra is eigenlijk nog redelijk braafjes, maar het gaat de goede richting uit. Lekkere punkraprock blijkbaar geïnspireerd door o.a. FEVER 333, Skunk Anansie en Ho99o9, maar ik hoor hier ook een streepje Epic (Faith No More) in.

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Today, genre-bending heavy alt-rock duo Nova Twins (guitarist/vocalist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South) have released new single “Cleopatra”, an electro-rock rush of intent that sees these fierce ladies declare: “Wouldn’t wanna be anyone but me – I’m the fucking queen”. It’s a blast of confidence born of social unrest and a standout track at the band’s recent sold-out shows. The track is the latest single off upcoming album Supernova, due out June 17th via Marshall Records. ‘Cleopatra’ was written off the back of the Black Lives Matter protests. Attending them made us feel powerful as two mixed-race women in an era where people were suddenly waking up to Anti Racists conversations”, says Love. “It's about celebrating who we are and being proud of where we come from. We hope this song encourages people from all walks of life to act and feel the same way too”.

2022 has already been a landmark year for Nova Twins. Kicking things off with a fully sold-out UK tour to receiving two nominations at the NME awards (“Best Band In The World” and “Best Band From The UK”) whilst performing with Bring Me The Horizon during the ceremony itself, Amy and Georgia are kicking down walls of conformity time and time again. The band will be playing its biggest EU headline shows in a few months, following a 7-show French tour that culminated in a sold-out Paris show last Saturday.


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