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Sounds | Nickelback, Those Days

Nog een nieuwe van Nickelback. Jawel hoor, deze band is onze website volledig aan het overnemen! Those Days is een nostalgische track die terugblikt op, jawel, those days. Met strofes die over het algemeen redelijk cliché klinken wist deze mij niet meteen te overtuigen, maar het refrein is aan de andere kant wel super leuk en catchy! Het contrast met het hevigere San Quentin is ook wel leuk en geeft al een goed beeld van wat je allemaal kan verwachten op hun aankomende album; Get Rollin.

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A contrast to the band’s edgier new single “San Quentin,” which is the first track from the forthcoming new album Get Rollin, “Those Days” leans into the band’s more melodic side, as showcased on chart-topping hits like “Rockstar,” “Photograph” and “How You Remind Me.” Since its release in September, “San Quentin” has experienced tremendous momentum at radio, soaring to #1 at active rock radio in Canada in just four weeks and breaking into the top 20 at active rock radio in the U.S. With six million streams to date, the heart thumping track has been amplified across DSPs, generating global excitement for the band’s first studio album in five years.

Nickelback’s 10th studio record Get Rollinand Get Rollin’ (Deluxe) will be available via digital platforms and physical CD purchase on November 18. In addition to “Those Days” and “San Quentin,” the album will feature an additional nine new songs all penned by Nickelback. The deluxe edition will add four bonus tracks - acoustic versions of “High Time,” “Just One More,” “Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing?” and “Horizon.” Standard and exclusive versions of the album will also be released on vinyl in 2023.


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