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Sounds | Mud Spencer, Back To Origin

Om louter instrumentaal te kunnen (blijven) boeien moet je straf/origineel materiaal pennen en/of zéér creatief zijn. Het eiland Java biedt blijkbaar inspiratie genoeg aan deze one-man 'show', want Back To Origin mag dan als 'stoner/doom/psych' omschreven worden, het muzikale pallet bevat nog meer en is best inventief in de details.

Fuzz Soup verschijnt op 21 februari 2022 via Argonauta Records

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As he is currently gearing up for the release of his forthcoming debut, today Java Island, Indonesia-based stoner and psych doom rock act Mud Spencer has shared a brand new single. His first full-length album, Fuzz Soup, will be out on January 21, 2022 through Argonauta Records. Mud Spencer plays all guitars, drums, organ, FX and other instruments, according to the multi-instrumentalist it’s "made on ze bed music". He records on his bed, and he mixes outside in the island‘s mountain while he just brings the ipad and headset on his trail motorcycle.

The musical prologue began in 2017, when Rodolphe and fellow drummer Eddie recorded a full-length album, "Left Empty", in within 4 days under the band name of "Chiefing Cloves". Eddie returned home to Texas, US, right after the recording sessions. As many drafts of song ideas were still there, Rodolphe decided to do it with the means at hand then, and created two virtual bands. One for high tempo early 60s sound inspiration, PROOTS, and one other, Mud Spencer, for low tempo late 60s early 70s sound influences. In 2019, he began the production of his upcoming debut, which will be released as CD and Digital formats on January 21, 2022 with Argonauta.

Argonauta Records owner, Gero Lucisano, recently commented about the label's signing and new member of their eclectic artist roster: "It's not of every day we're used to ink a deal with a very new band as MUD SPENCER is, though we've been immediatly surprised by his genuine attitude and approach as well as his killer yet comfortable sound, indeed useful for each kind of situation when played at the right volume. It's surf/garage '60, rock '70 and fuzz, yes! A true psychedelic journey at all level."


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