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Sounds | Memoriam, All is Lost

Al een jaar of 6, 7 genieten we van de lekkere old school deathmetal van Memoriam. De afgelopen vijf jaar waren de Engelsen flink productief, met een album in 2017 (For the Fallen), 2018 (The Silent Vigil), 2019 (Requiem for Mankind) en 2021 (To the End), maar aan hun creativiteit lijkt geen einde te komen, want recentelijk is hun vijfde full length album aangekondigd. Dat krijgt de tot de verbeelding sprekende naam mee Rise to Power en komt op 3 februari 2023 uit. De eerste single met bijbehorende video is afgelopen vrijdag gereleaset, genaamd All is Lost.

Niet altijd hoeft muziek vernieuwend te zijn of iets toe te voegen aan datgene dat er al was. Als het goed is, is het goed: why change a winning formula? Dat hebben deze mannen ook gedacht. All is Lost is gewoon een lekker nummer!


"The members of Memoriam are legends in their own right within the international extreme metal community, amassing decades of prestige through work in previous acts such as Bolt Thrower, Benediction & The Damned. When I was approached by them and their record label (Reaper Entertainment) to create their first music video for their 5th studio album 'Rise To Power', I was initially stunned but then overwhelmingly eager to create something special for them.

Our mutually agreed principle was to avoid the 'band performs in nondescript warehouse' trope and to weave as much of a story as possible within the song's 6 minute running time. The lyrics to 'All is Lost' are succinct enough to present a stern atmosphere but open enough for personal interpretation, and in this instance we found that the narrative theme unexpectedly resonated with current affairs, certainly within the UK, as we approached the dates of production."

RISE TO POWER will charge an open door, because in addition to the essential Death Metal groove, MEMORIAM becomes more variable with each additional song and keeps adding new dynamics to their sound - from brutal grooves to doomy-melodic parts up to aggressive Nordic riffing - RISE TO POWER is an extremely varied album.


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