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Sounds | Morganway - Edge Of The Sun

Edge Of The Sun laat de band eens van haar zachte kant horen. Een ballad dus, maar wel niet van het stroperige soort, daarvoor zijn ze veel te goede songwriters. De piano zet in en sluit het nummer af. Een korte, leuke gitaarsolo sluipt ertussen. Zangeres SJ staat er opnieuw, sterk en dynamisch.

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"Edge of The Sun" is a testament to Morganway's ability to craft compelling narratives within their music. Inspired by an account of a prison escape, the song explores themes of hope, resilience, and the human spirit's ability to persevere against all odds.

Band member Nicole J Terry shared her insight into the song's origins, "Edge of the sun lyrics were first inspired by an account of a prison escape. Listening to the story the tension was almost unbearable even knowing the ending. the moment he described seeing the ‘edge of the shining sun’ over the last wall and knew he was gonna make it just floored me. I like that it is possible to maintain hope in the face of certain death and absolute darkness over years and years, even if you’re ‘the bad guy.’ Life isn’t that black and white, we don’t live in a movie, if you have any chance at all, take it with everything you’ve got."

The collaborative nature of the band shines through in "Edge of The Sun," with lead singer SJ Mortimer adding:

"It came about in covid times – Kieran had this stunning guitar riff that I kept singing melodies over. One night Nicky came over with these beautiful words, and they fit so well with the music, the song came out so quick. That’s what I love about collaborating – a song can come together in so many different ways, from many different perspectives. To me it’s a song of hope and belief, of having faith that there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter how hard the struggle can be."

"Edge of The Sun" features a compelling blend of emotive vocals, infectious melodies, and driving rhythms, creating an anthemic sound that resonates with listeners. With lyrics like "In the dark, the edge of the shining sun/Wear the scar, the pieces inside your heart," the song invites audiences on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


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