• John Van de Mergel

Sounds | Liholesie, Thousands of Pathways

Dit is het type muziek dat me ergens wel boeit, maar waar ik zo weinig van ken dat ik er geen zinnig woord over kan vertellen. Had ik beter overgelaten aan onze Marielle, maar de jongedame is even weg van deze wereld en dus laat ik haar ook liever genieten.

Zelf ga ik ook gewoon genieten, van het zonnetje buiten en van deze zalige etnische klanken. Voor wat zinnige uitleg verwijs ik - zoals gewoonlijk - naar 'lees' hieronder. "It's the music of dark woods, forgotten tribal rituals and spiritual quests, somewhere in between Nordic folk, darkwave and ritual ambient."

Shamanic Twilight is verschenen op 4 juni.


An endless world stretches along the path of a wanderer. Thousands of trails run not only on solid ground underfoot, but also through main streams and rapids of the wayward rivers, striving to carry a daredevil into their depths. Sometimes they take the wanderer down to the underworld or take his soul to the skies with the smoke of a ritual fire.

The border between the worlds is thinning in the fog and the twilight... A shaman is the only one who is able to travel along a thousand paths, and return back on a narrow path known only him alone. But the time will come, and his soul will stop wandering between the worlds. Spreading its gray wings, his soul will be carried away along the path known only him alone.

The album Shamanic Twilight will tell you about it.

Folk instruments and ethnic percussion will bring you back for thousands of years and plunge you into the atmosphere of shamanic rituals and visions. Twilight is upon… the fire is burning out, the shamanic drum is beating... There are thousands of paths in the smoky haze.

Liholesie is a sophisticated Russian ethno-ambient act, whose first demo was released back in 2002. From 2004 to 2008, Liholesie released four albums and a split with several metal bands. The project’s music underwent changes from epic folk ambience to more ritual atmosphere, so Liholesie became one of the most famous Russian ambient projects, whose audience included the fans of different styles, from black metal to neofolk.

Then there was a period of silence, which ended only in 2016 with The Fog of Transition full-length album. It was the music of untouched nature, lucid dreams and shamanic trips inspired by a journey to the Altai Mountains.

In 2018 Liholesie released the EP Fables. It varies from the previous works in more cinematographic sound and mood, continuing to explore new horizons of ethnic and ritual music.

And now it is high time for a new chapter in the project's history with the new album Shamanic Twilight.