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Sounds | Light By The Sea - A Feather Of A Pigeon In The Cave Of The Wisdom Of God

Ze blijven lekker eigenwijs hun ding doen, Eszter en Davy. Gewoonlijk voel ik het niet, maar zo nu en dan zit er een nummer tussen dat me wel aanspreekt. A Feather ... bv., speels, een beetje plagend en uitdagend en vooral lekker in het oor liggend. Het geluid met die diepe bas, de kille, galmende gitaar en speelse synths doen terugdenken aan de jaren tachtig toen ook new wave hoogtij vierde. De stem van Eszter zweeft er mooi en sexy tussen.


"Many people are trying to decipher the recipe to produce the Philosopher's Stone, and they also want to be in possession of divine knowledge. Some make pilgrimages to very mystical caves where real saints were born. Enlightenment was experienced in quiet, dark, and wet places, where they found God's holy will and wisdom. We also visited this place, and although we found divine wisdom in love and other earthly goods, we managed to bring a dove feather back home from the cave, which inspired this sexy song that you can all enjoy." As building a time machine is yet to seem impossible with the power of sound, Davy Knobel and Eszter Anna Baumann were aiming to do it in their own way. During quarantine, they surrounded themselves with their favorite vinyls and concert tapes in their apartment, which resulted in them writing their own tracks, inspired by their great musical heroes. Light By The Sea's full-length album, entitled Only Death Makes Icons (2021) was released shortly afterwards. Since it is not often that a Dutch guitarist and composer makes music with a Hungarian artist, their music is a really beautiful combination where the West and the East meet, as their sound consists of art rock, avant-garde, and folk music elements, and their lyrics are inspired by the ascension and fall of great heroes and sorrowful tragedies.

Light By The Sea has released several music videos and visuals that have already caught the attention of the international media and promoters. Since playing their first shows as support of Vive La Fête, they have been continuously on the road, introducing their magical set to the listeners. The 2023 European tour has just kicked off, including gigs in the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, France, and more.


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