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Sounds | Jo Quail - Macha

Joe Quail? Je weet meteen dat het orkestraal wordt, filmisch, intens, bij momenten erg donker. By Norse? Je weet meteen dat er een sterke etnische toets aan zit, spiritueel, authentiek, bij momenten erg donker. Combineer beide en je krijgt het nieuwe werk van Jo die hier Maria Franz een vocale inkleuring laat geven.

Invocation / Supplication verschijnt op 3 november via By Norse Music.


Award-winning composer and cellist Jo Quil has released a brand new single, "Macha". The new song is taken from a special upcoming release, the Invocation / Supplication double album. On Invocation, a three-song-cycle, you'll be able to hear Maria Franz (Heilung) as a guest vocalist. Supplication features the vocal contribution of Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari.

Jo Quail comments: "Macha is the first song in a three-song cycle I composed for Maria Franz. From our very first meeting some years back I dreamed to create a musical landscape to present to Maria, and I am blessed by the warmth and generosity with which she greeted this proposal. Macha is a song of empowerment, of ascendency, of awakening; it was a joy to compose this music and a deeply humbling experience to be with Maria as she interpreted my thoughts, her voice in full flight with such radiance and inspiration."


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