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Sounds | Jeffrey Martin - Red Station Wagon

Een stem, een verhaal. Meer is er eigenlijk niet nodig om met een liedje te ontroeren. Martin vult dit aanvankelijk in met wat zalig klinkende guitar picking om dan kort elektrisch te gaan. Héél even, maar wel efficiënt. Martin is een bard in de geest van Damien Rice en Ray Lamontagne. Echt!

Thank God We Left The Garden verschijnt op 3 november 2023 via Loose Music.

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There Is A Treasure


10 januari 2024, Café 't Rozenknopje (Eindhoven, NL) 11 januari 2024, Djingel Djangel (Antwerpen, BE)

13 januari 2024, TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht, NL)

14 januari 2024, Patronaat (Haarlem, NL)


'Red Station Wagon' is a searing story about one man’s transformation from a narrow-minded bigot into a person who feels deep remorse for the ugliness of his youth. You can find more info on the single and the upcoming album in the press release attached. If you would be interested in featuring the single or reviewing the album, let me know and we can sort.

Of the new song, Martin offers, "I wanted to tell a story of transformation. Someone becoming better than they used to be, and owning the ugliness of their past. Just a few years ago derogatory homophobic language was the norm in our culture. Across the board, in movies, television, comedy, books, and so also in the language of young people everywhere, and most especially young men, to be “gay” was the go to insult for anyone and any thing that was seen as weak or weird. Red Station Wagon is rooted in a deep shared truth. It's the story of a confession of one man to another, looking back on a crucial moment from his youth where a dear friend of his took a big risk and courageously chose to be vulnerable, only to be betrayed by him in the worst possible way...Part of any genuine atonement is the honest confession of what one did wrong, and I felt it was crucial to use the raw and hurtful language directly in the song, partly to make the narrator’s apology more sincere, and partly to call out everyone (myself included) who ever used language like that and hasn’t honestly reflected on it since."


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