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Sounds | James Vincent McMorrow, Waiting

Op deze manier bevalt de Irse singer-songwriter ons wel: ingetogen, gitaar en stem, mooi nummer. Het is trouwens zijn stem die mijn aandacht trok: héél gevoelvol wat hees en een wat vrouwelijke touch. Op deze manier? Yep, want de andere (nieuwe) songs zijn me toch wat te lichtvoetig/soulpoppy.

Grapefruit Season verschijnt op 16 juli Sony Music. lees

“This last year has been a massive lesson in patience for all of us. But I don’t feel any more patient than I did before, in fact the opposite, I feel impatient. I had this album finished last year and then the world stopped and I had to stop. I remember sitting in my car crying after I heard that we’d be parking the work until 2021, and then I wrote Waiting. It’s a song about feeling sorry for myself, and then going home and talking to the one person in my life who understands just how awkward a fit all of this is for me, and who loves me for the actual human I am and not what I curate in order to feel like the person I need to be.”

James Vincent McMorrow is a platinum selling singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. Having signed to Columbia Records, 2020 has seen him release the singles ‘Headlights’, ‘I Should Go’ with Kenny Beats and ‘Gone’. His forthcoming album ‘Grapefruit Season’ will be released on 16 July 2021.

James returns to touring throughout Europe in 2022.


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