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Sounds | Izzy Mahoubi - How To Run

De liedjes van Mahoubi stemmen me vrolijk, zo ook deze uptempo titelsong van haar net verschenen EP. Laat de zon gerust even doorbreken.

How To Run (EP) is op 21 juli verschenen via Rude Records.

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Speaking on the EP Izzy shares, “I wrote it as I explored my curiosity towards the world. Heartbreak, social standards, change, and pushing the limits. It’s an eclectic body of moments that I hope tells the story of growth. The feeling of walking into a childhood bedroom and seeing the old posters and letters that reveal the memories and healing that comes with time. The title track, “How To Run” is an expression of pushing the limits. The first time you realize your strength. The first time you start believing your voice has a space in the world. The first time you start to do the things that scare you. I believe that realization reveals how to grow, and that confidence teaches you how to run.”

Last month, Izzy released her cover of Joni Mitchell’s original track “Big Yellow Taxi” featuring Sydney Sprague, as part of Rude Record’s upcoming project Changing Tides through the label’s charitable arm Rude Cares. All proceeds from the song will benefit ocean conservation organization Sea Shepherd.


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