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Sounds | Iron Lamb, Total Noise

Op de nieuwe single van Iron Lamb, Total Noise, waart de geest van wijlen Lemmy Kilmister stevig rond, getuige de vette baslijn onder de rammelende riff en de "Ein, zwei, drei, vier" kreet halverwege.

Dit klinkt verre van origineel maar dat kan ons geen achterwerk schelen. De voeten uit elkaar zetten, hoofd voorover, de hand die onze pint vasthoud boven het hoofd houden en schudden maar.


Sweden’s Iron Lamb blends classic hard rock, furious heavy metal and contagious punk rock on their new single "Total Noise". The first release from the group since their third studio album "Blue Haze" from 2018. "Total Noise" is an exhibition of raging groove, rooted in early 70´s kraut rock but with a tougher and more contemporary sound. The single is released on The Sign Records, and is a preview of Iron Lamb’s upcoming fourth full length album.

Johan from Iron Lamb comments:

"Total Noise is musically rooted in the monotonous and groovy sounds of 70´s rock but with a darker touch. Imagine Hawkwind trying to cure a bad acid trip with some speed. The lyrical theme is a slightly sarcastic exhibition in nihilism, and sums up the concept of Iron Lamb quite well. The world is going to hell and it's too late for redemption, so what can you do? Dance to the Destruction!"


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