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Sounds | Ida Mae - Wild Flying Dove

Ik hou gewoon van àlles aan deze song! De elegantie en flair waarmee het gebracht wordt, het geluid van de drums en gitaren, de uiterst knappe productie én ... de stemmen van Chris en Stephanie Jean die opnieuw zo fantastisch blenden. Chris mag zich hier helemaal uitleven temeer de laatste drie minuten all his and his six string zijn. Maar eerst horen we zijn wederhelft subliem haar keyboard thing doen. Wil iemand aub deze twee naar ons land halen dit najaar? Er is nog ruimte in hun tourschema.

Thunder Above You verschijnt op 6 oktober 2023 via Vow Road Records.

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Honing another heady dose of those riveting indie-blues-rock aesthetics they are bringing back for their latest record, "Wild Flying Dove" stands as one of the more infectious and hip-shaking additions to their next full-length. With its fresh and swinging grooves that perfectly complement their vibrant dual vocal performance throughout, Ida Mae continue to cement themselves as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now.

Adding about the new offering, they said, "Wild Flying Dove was a line I pulled from an old folk song found in a ballad book of the British Isles. It was a delicate and beautiful lyric that whispered of a yearning love. I wanted to re-voice the line into something tougher with a stronger female character punching through. A song more of love struck, Bonnie & Cylde-esque obsession.

"We'd been listening to a lot of later Rolling Stones records, Hendrix and early folk songs. This all seemed to spill into the guitar on this is my Gretsch White Falcon....certainly feels like Neil Young came in and grabbed it off me as we hit the solo!

"Steph's keys solo is also a big highlight for us.

"The recording is a second take, captured in the hall of this British mansion, everything live including the vocals, all parts improvised on the spot. The take is a journey, each of us pushing the other musicians (Ethan Johns & Nick Pini) to keep up and follow."


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