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Sounds | Hot Milk, I Think I Hate Myself

De release van de nieuwe EP van Hot Milk komt steeds dichterbij. Op 10 september krijgen we I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I'm Dead volledig te horen. Deze EP zal 5 liedjes tellen en de titel song kregen we een tijdje terug al voorgeschoteld. Nu brengt Hot Milk een tweede song uit: I Think I Hate Myself. Ook op deze gaat de band gaat de band weer de emotionele tour op, qua lyrics dan toch. Zoals ze het zelf zeggen: this next ones for anyone that ever felt misplaced, lost themselves in a sabotaging spiral n feel like they hate themselves.

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Hot Milk are a dual-fronted power pop movement from northern England. With catchy choruses littered with angst, Hot Milk are a band for those who will not shut up and sit down. They are a celebration of the real, the weird, the beautiful strange, the strong and the kind. Jim, Han, Tom and Dolla are Hot Milk, and they want to invite you in, exactly as you are and unapologetically.

(Bron: Spotify)


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