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Sounds | Hannah Aldridge - Yankee Bank

Hola, momentje jongedame, hold your horses! Zo country heb je nog nooit geklonken en eigenlijk weet ik niet goed wat daarvan te denken. Ik zou haar niets eens herkend hebben had ik enkel de song gehoord zonder bijkomende info.

Natuurlijk ken ik haar pas een dikke twee jaar, uit haar 'dark americana' periode zoals op haar meest recente album Dream of America. Als ik het echter goed heb, was haar debuut Razor Wire - waarvan nu een jubileum editie verschijnt - eerder rock, dus nooit echt country.

Yankee Bank is één van de twee extra songs die erop zullen staan. Van een contrast gesproken.

Maar goed, na de eerste shock en enkele luisterbeurten kan ik jullie verzekeren dat ik absoluut grote fan blijf van deze artieste.

Razor Wire (die jubileum editie dus) verschijnt op 13 mei 2024 via Icons Creating Evil Art.


Hannah Aldridge's musical journey is a rich tapestry woven with the threads of her Southern roots. Born and raised amidst the iconic sounds of Muscle Shoals and the cultural fabric of Alabama, her path has been one of embracing her heritage while forging her unique identity. Through her poignant songwriting, Aldridge deftly explores the delicate balance between rebellion and self-discovery, creating music that resonates with the comforting cadence of a lullaby and the impactful force of a whip crack. 

As she commemorates the 10-year milestone of her debut album 'Razor Wire,' Hannah Aldridge is set to unveil an anniversary edition of this acclaimed record. Included in the digital version are two additional tracks, one of which is her captivating new song 'Yankee Bank.' Anticipated as a radio edit single, 'Yankee Bank' offers a fresh glimpse into Aldridge's evolving artistry.


Reflecting on the creation of the track, Aldridge shares, "Yankee Bank and the new version of Black and White were recorded in Muscle Shoals with my Dad and a team of Shoals players. These tracks were from the first edition of Razor Wire that was never released. I went back in recently and re-recorded the vocals to the new tracks so people could hear an up to date version of them."


A product of her upbringing in the Bible Belt, Aldridge's music speaks intimately to those acquainted with the complexities of Southern life. For those uninitiated, her songs offer a raw insight into the shadowed corners of the South, delving into themes of Christian fundamentalism and the struggle to carve out a future in a place haunted by its history.


As the daughter of Muscle Shoals legend Walt Aldridge, Hannah traded the classical piano for a guitar in her early twenties, using music as a means to confront her inner demons. With a voice that blends gritty authenticity with melodic allure, Aldridge embarked on a journey that led her to captivate audiences across ten countries and three continents with her debut album 'Razor Wire,' a record born from personal turmoil.


Building on the success of her sophomore effort, 'Gold Rush,' Aldridge ventured into a collaboration with the Swedish Boutique-Label Icons Creating Evil Art, resulting in the evocative live album, 'Live in Black and White.' In 2023, she unveiled her third studio album, 'Dream of America,' a collaborative masterpiece that resonated deeply within the realms of Southern Gothic and Dark Americana.



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