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Sounds | Haken - Lovebite

Speciaal uitgebracht op Valentijn, maar gezien ik de laatste tijd serieus achter loop, exact één week later dus. Het thema blijft alvast fun: het paringsritueel van de Zwarte Weduwe (spin)! De muzikale inspiratie voor deze upbeat love song haalden de heren bij ene Phil Collins, terwijl de lyrics op Cannibal Corpse gestoeld zijn. Allez ju, prog zeker?

Fauna verschijnt op 3 maart 2023 via Inside Out Music.

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Ter Info

‘Fauna’ sees the band exploring new ideas conceptually as Ross continues. “The premise of the album when we started writing it was that every song would have an animal assigned to it. They all have something related to the animal kingdom that we could write about, but they also connect to the human world. Each track has layers, and some of them are more obvious than others.”

“It reminds me of The Mountain,” adds guitarist and fellow founder Richard Henshall. “There, we had the idea of not really a narrative-based album, but more the concept of climbing a mountain and overcoming the obstacles along the way. Then we took that and thought about how it could relate to our everyday lives. All of Fauna’s animals relate to us, personally.”

‘Fauna’ also marks the return of keyboard player Peter Jones, whose sounds can be heard permeating the entire album. “What Pete’s brought sonically to the band has played a massive role in why we do have a lot of new sounds on this record,” says Ross. “It’s always a new dynamic when there’s a change in personnel, and this is a fresh and reviving one. It’s certainly helped proximity-wise, with Pete being in the country: Pete and Ray [Hearne, Haken’s drummer] would be at Rich’s place and they’d just start jamming. That’s really key to how the songs start.” facebook

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