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Sounds | Graveyard - Twice

Ze maken steeds opnieuw klassealbums en worden steeds opnieuw genegeerd door het 'grote' publiek en toch blijven ze gaan. Twice lijkt een terugkeer naar de sompige blues rock die o.a. op Hissingen Blues (2011) te horen kregen. Het nummer heeft de rauwe feel die we ook kennen van de jonge Rolling Stones of The Black Crowes. Goed om zien is dat de band since hun 'terugkeer' in 2017 intact is gebleven.

6 verschijnt op 29 september 2023 via Nuclear Blast.


As enduring and authentic as an old school leather jacket, Graveyard have long since mastered the art of rock’n’roll. Formed in 2006 in Gothenburg, Sweden, their shared passion for hard rock, psychedelia and the eternal bedrock of blues marked them out from the start. Led by vocalist/guitarist Joakim Nilsson, they opened their account with their now seminal self-titled Tee Pee Recordings debut in 2007, showcasing fiery chemistry and some wildly imaginative songwriting. Subsequently snapped up by the mighty Nuclear Blast Records, the band’s rise to prominence was swift and irresistible.

In 2008, guitarist Jonatan Ramm expanded the ranks, joining Nilsson, bassist Rikard Edlund and drummer Axel Sjöberg for the recording of second album Hisingen Blues. A critical smash that more than lived up to the hype, it established Graveyard as rock’n’roll heavyweights. A thunderous, soul-stirring live band, with subtlety and swagger in equal amounts, they spent the next decade keeping fans of loose-limbed and earthy rock music in a near-constant state of rapture. From the rootsy clatter of 2012’s Lights Out to the magical, muscular grooves of 2018’s Peace (taking in the sepia-tinted folk doom of 2015’s Innocence & Decadence along the way), GRAVEYARD have made some of the most vital and vivid heavy rock of the 21st century.

Graveyard is

Joakim Nilsson - vocals, guitar

Jonatan Ramm - vocals, guitar

Truls Mörck - vocals, bass

Oskar Bergenheim - drums


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