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Sounds | Gone Cosmic - For Sabotage

Tijd voor een streepje hypnotiserende psych rock. For Sabotage van het Canadese viertal laat een donker, mysterieus geluid hoor met bluesy vocals die deels contrasteren met de zware riffs en repetitieve ritmesectie. Straf stukske muziek.

Send a Warning ... the Future's Calling verschijnt op 2 september 2022 via Grand Hand Records

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About the song, vocalist Abbie Thurgood says: “We are constantly challenged by competitive societal attitudes such as ‘at all costs’ and ‘must win’ mentalities. ‘For Sabotage’ explores stepping outside of these norms and expectations that are ingrained in us encouraging the ability to see consequential thought processes and objectively view one’s path rather than being reactionary. ‘For Sabotage’ is a call to be more kind to oneself and to listen pursue and trust our own individual thought processes.

Comprised of musicians from Western Canadian staple acts Chron Goblin, Witchstone or The Torchettes, Gone Cosmic stands out thanks to the evocative and soulful vocals of Abbie Thurgood and the band's agile and aggressive songcraft. Their sophomore album "Send for a Warning, the Future’s Calling"is assured to spin heads with its progressive heavy-hittersfilled with grand soundscapes, vocal canyons, insane tempo shifts, and conscience-awakening lyrics — nine high-octane and mind-bending psych blues-infused hits designed to upgrade your sonic synapsis!


Abbie Thurgood - Vocals

Devin “Darty” Purdy - Guitar

Brett Whittingham - Bass

Marcello Castronuovo - Drums


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