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Sounds | Forever Still - Find A Way

Vorige week was er dan plots een vierde nieuwe song, zoals ze het de laatste tijd gewoon zijn, zonder poespas gewoon online knallen. En knallen doet Find A Way bovendien ook. Het lijkt wel Avril Lavigne met een extra set ballen en punk attitude en industrial vibe. Nog rauwer dan eerste single Something Wrong en qua productie dicht bij de demo die eerder als verscheen. Ih hou wel van die 'nieuwe' FS.

Hun derde album zou ergens dit jaar moeten verschijnen.

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“When you make art, you build everything up piece by piece. You create stories, images, even whole worlds and find inspiration in surrounding yourself with all the things that make you feel something. We want to take you with us on that journey. We want to take you behind the scenes of everything we do and show you all the things that inspire us. We want to share with you the words before they’re lyrics, the sounds before they’re songs and the images before they’re coloured in. We want to connect with you on a deeper level by sharing everything that brought us together in the first place: our common love for music.

Our journey is far from perfect, but the imperfections are exactly what we want to share with you. We don’t know where this is going to go - but we know, we want you there to experience it with us.

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