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Sounds | Emile - Mountains of Cape Creus

Ergens tussen folk en modern klassieke, met centraal een erg mooie stem en akoestische gitaar, meer moet dat niet zijn. Of toch, een goed geschreven nummer natuurlijk. Een song die warm en vertrouwd aanvoelt en toch ook weer wat mysterieus.

Spirit verschijnt op 29 september verschenen via Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

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Danish-French singer and songwriter EMILE is also known for fronting Copenhagen acid rock band The Sonic Dawn. On his sophomore album "Spirit", the radiant artist unfolds a new and exciting side of his songwriting: each song ebbs and flows effortlessly, always centered around his voice and masterful acoustic guitar playing, while being backed by a small ensemble of selected musicians. Ten tracks of a delicate and luminous voyage sprinkled with inspirations as wide as Indian raga or bossa nova, all reflecting an unpretentious cosmic consciousness and simply marveling at existence as it is. "Spirit is about connecting with our surroundings, with nature and the universe. There is beauty in transformation too", he reminds us. This is a different album from a different singer-songwriter, both surrealistic and easy to understand, accomplished and untamed light and heavy — like the passing of time.


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