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Sounds | El Supremo - Acid Universe

Dat noem ik het jaar rustig inzetten: een stukske instrumentale psych rock. Niets buitengewoon speciaal of origineel, wel lekker chill en goed gedaan. Geniet van een dikke elf minuten gitaarspel.

Acid Universe verschijnt op 24 februari 2023 via Argonauta Records.

Ter Info

After their critically acclaimed full length “Clarity Through Distortion” (2019), Fargo (ND) US-based Psychedelic Rockers El Supremo continued with its strong line-up featuring Chad Heille on drums, Neal Stein on guitar, Chris Gould on organ/keys and Cameron Dewald on bass.

El Supremo was originally formed as a one-man project with Chad Heille playing all the instruments and handling recording/production. A self-titled full-length demo was released in 2008, with Tom Canning and Neal Stein contributing guitar solos to the recording.

Chad and Neal went on to play in the band Egypt from 2012 to 2018. During that time, Egypt released three full-length records, a split LP, made numerous compilation appearances, reissued their first demo and toured 16 different countries playing several notable festivals.

After Egypt split, it was decided to revive the El Supremo name, whose sound today ranges from psychedelic and melodic to heavy and doomy. Influences are rooted in classic rock, stoner rock, blues, and old-school metal.


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