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Sounds | DROTT - Sabbat

Van heksen en trollen, het in Bergen (NO) gesitueerde trio DROTT dompelt ons verder onder in een mythsiche wereld, zowel muzikaal als tekstueel.

TROLL verschijnt op 19 mei 2023 via Norse Music.

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The band comments: "SABBAT is inspired by the summit of Lyderhorn, one of Bergens seven surrounding mountains where occult sabbats have supposedly taken place through the centuries."

There is an ancient force. A neglected force. A force that has been linked to all that is inexplicable. It remains with the young and the old who tell each other tales of the unnatural. Some say this force comes from the North. Mountains and fjords are named after it. One word to encapsulate the mystery around us, a concept from old mythology that has been oppressed by the might of the church. DROTT are guests as they stand on the threshold of this realm and explore the Scandinavian myths through experimental soundscapes.

DROTT is comprised of Arve Isdal (Enslaved), Ivar Thormodsæter (Ulver) and Matias Monsen and hails from Bergen in the west coast of Norway. With their varied musical background ranging from metal and jazz to classical music, they create the genre which can only be described as DROTT. Inspired by forces of nature, superstition and spirituality the trio explores light within darkness through their music.

The group, established (2020), released their self-titled EP in March 2021 to great reviews. It established Drott´s sound as a breath of fresh air in the genre. The first full-length album “ORCUS” was released in the fall of 2021. It is a description of a journey through the realm of Orcus, the lord of the Underworld. “Orcus” received great reviews describing the band as a unique mix of genres and sonic landscapes hard to label or categorize.


Arve Isdal - Guitar

Ivar Thormodsæter - Drums

Matias Monsen – Cello

Guest musicians:

Kristian Espedal (vocals)

Lindy Fay Hella (vocals)

Herbrand Larsen (vocals)


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