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Sounds | Delvoid, Third Body

Ze komen uit Oslo, bestaan al twaalf jaar en hebben er twee albums en een ep op zitten. Noem de muziek gerust progressieve rock/metal, maar dan wel een variant die diverse invloeden toelaat en steeds evolueert. Third Body is een tweede single in aanloop naar het nieuwe album. Als het wat psychedelisch en bij momenten minimalistisch mag zijn én je houdt van 'divers' en 'energiek', kijk dan maar uit naar full album nummer drie.

Swarmlife verschijnt op 2 juli in eigen beheer

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Nearly six years following the release of their critically acclaimed second album “Serene”, Oslo-based progressive-rock/metal four-piece group Delvoid are back with a new full-length album titled “Swarmlife”.

Featuring six songs spanning nearly one hour of new material, “Swarmlife” is set for release on July 2nd and sees Delvoid moving away from the slow, morose and orchestral soundscapes present on “Serene” to embrace a more psychedelic and progressive rock sound.

Since their debut-album Delve’s release in 2011, Delvoid have been playing various venues and festivals in Norway, and also hosting small hidden concerts in the forest. Hailing from the outskirts of Oslo, Delvoid is an alternative rock band with energetic and evocative live shows. Delvoid’s sound consists of noisy sound walls, vulnerable melodies, and mammoth-sized riffs. They chase the same white whale as Tool and Sigur Ros, but add their own flavour of psychedelia and minimalism to the hunt.

Delvoid has released two studio albums and an EP.

In 2015, they composed the soundtrack for the documentary First Contact by Johann Wildhagen, concerning uncontacted peoples of the South-American rainforest. Later the same year they released their second studio album Serene, a 75 minute semi-orchestral beast, which received great reviews from international music critics. Serene featured a plethora of guest musicians including the acclaimed violinist Ole Henrik Moe and several classical musicians of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.


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