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Sounds | Deadly Circus Fire, Bombs Away

Na onlangs White Wash te hebben uitgebracht is de uit Londen afkomstige prog metalband Deadly Circus Fire weer terug met de nieuwe sterke single BOMBS AWAY! Het nummer is op alle streaming platformen te beluisteren. BOMBS AWAY is de tweede single van het aankomende album van Deadly Circus Fire, getiteld Extinction, die gepland staat om in juli uitgebracht te worden.

BOMBS AWAY highlights an issue that is unfortunately in constant occurance around the world throughout time. War. The song is less about the wars that have been or that are currently happening but more the idealogy of karma. Karma to those starting these needless conflicts for greed and power leading to the deaths of innocents. Music IS politics. We intend to push the mentality that we all have a part to play in changing the outcome of war. This album for us is a culmination of the last few years struggles in this fucked up modern society" aldus gitarist Save Addario.

"We are so excited this album is officially scheduled to be released in July and we can’t wait for you to finally hear it."

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