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Sounds | Dead End Finland - Up So High, Down So Low

Yep, ze hebben me te pakken, deze 'upbeat' Finnen. Lekker heavy en super catchy. Het lijkt wel het Finse antwoord op bands als Creed, maar dan net ietsje minder bombast. OK, beetje vergezocht, tenzij je er de melodielijn uitfiltert m.i. Ik ben alvast fan.

Victory verschijnt op 31 maart 2023 via Inverse Records.

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Ter Info

Guitarist & Bass player Santtu Rosén comment:

"The last single from Dead End Finland's new album to be released in March is called "Up so high, down so low". Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it's important to take a deeper look at what's really important. You can never say for sure what a jump into the unknown will bring, but sometimes a new beginning can be found in a free fall. "Up so High, Down so low" encourages to take that leap of faith. The song features the Finnish metal-rap artist Nyrkki-Kyllikki. "

Dead End Finland is a melodic metal band from Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 2007, and signed by Inverse Records in 2012, the band line-up has remained unchanged since the beginning – that is what has made the present sound and soundscape possible. All members have several years of band background (Grendel, Dying Daylight, Divercia) before Dead End Finland, and everybody’s strengths are now harnessed to create our own bombastic style. Dead End Finland’s music is difficult to explicitly pigeonhole to any specific genre, you’ll be able to hear tones from classical music to death metal.


Mikko Virtanen - Vocals

Santtu Rosén - Guitars, Bass

Miska Rajasuo - Drums

Jarno Hänninen - Keys


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