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Sounds | Curtis Harding, Hopeful

Opnieuw een sterk nummer met een boodschap. Harding's mix van soul, funk en psychedlica laat me niet onberoerd. Het nummer gaat dan nog eens gepaard met een prachtige video gemaakt door Lynsey Weatherspoon

“I wrote [“Hopeful”] some time ago but in theory it goes far beyond a time and place,” Harding explained. “I’ve always tried to carry it (Hope) wherever I am. Darkness find us all, hope allows us the fortitude to seek out the light. “


Simply calling Curtis Harding a “soul man” feels reductive. Harding’s voice conveys pain, pleasure, longing, tenderness, sadness and strength—a full gamut of emotions. Today his voice takes on an optimistic lilt in his new single “Hopeful”. Directed by photojournalist Lynsey Weatherspoon, the song’s accompanying black and white video was filmed in the West End of Atlanta and features footage of a John Lewis mural and recent Black Lives Matter protests.

“Working on the visuals for “Hopeful” was very cathartic because it gave me the chance to revisit and reflect on the activities from 2020,” Weatherspoon said. “Curtis' song really brings home what we're all feeling and how we can progress to the hope we have for our future. His energy is unmatched and he immersed himself into the process, which helped us create a powerful storyline for the video. Being able to really bring home the meaning of the song within several areas of Atlanta really made this project a success. I know “Hopeful” will be able to bring a sense of place in a world that we desire love and peace to be spread abound.”

All proceeds from this video will be donated to Know Your Rights Camp


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