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Sounds | Bruit, The Fall (live)

Aan het begin van dit nieuwe jaar vuur ik een paar nummers op jullie af van bands die je als metalhead best in het oog houdt. Met dank aan Metal Hammer (Louder) voor de inspiratie.

Na een eerste worp in 2018 is het wat stil gebleven rond dit post-rock/modern klassiek quartet uit Toulouse (FR). Best boeiend hoe ze gitaren, drums, strijkers en electronica in elkaar laten vloeien en zo een krachtige dynamiek creëren.

Hun debuutalbum wordt ergens dit jaar verwacht.

Luister ook naar: Bloom

ter info Based in Toulouse, France, BRUIT \ˈbrü-ē\ [French, literally, noise] create incredibly expansive and emotive instrumental music of a conceptual nature, seamlessly merging ambient electronica, modern classical and instrumental rock.

BRUIT’s synthetic sci-fi inspired ambiance of sound effects, soaring synths and deep bass tones reminiscent of film noir inspired dystopian fantasies, is organically enhanced by the ever present etherealism of their classical instrumentation and arrangements in spellbinding emotion-filledmelodies that climax in roaring drone driven post-rock.

Life may be elsewhere, at another rhythm, a different scale, and you have forgotten it. Your body hosts a microscopic and elusive world that dies and is reborn every second. It is swarming with particles that will be the cause of your life and your death. It will be your first vertigo, The bloom.

Then you look to the sky and realise that this inner world floats in a universe in which the human mind cannot comprehend borders and where you are no more significant than a grain of sand. Energy of unimaginable power has been developing for billions of years and it is also responsible for your life and death. It will be your second vertigo and with it you will fall.

So who are you? Between the infinitely small and the incredibly large. Is your little daily problem still meaningless? Sit down by the vestiges of the monolith erected by your ancestors and take the time to think. Ask new questions rather than repeating old answers.


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