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Sounds | Boston Manor, Carbon Mono

Deze week kregen we het eerste liedje van Boston Manor onder het management van SharpTone Recoreds te horen. Carbon Mono is een vrij rustige song die Boston Manor's succes album GLUE opvolgt.

This song is a conversation that sort of goes back & forth between two people”, explains vocalist Henry Cox. “It’s about people’s unwillingness to change & acknowledge our own shortcomings. It’s a classic Boston Manor tune that we wrote for people to rage to live. We’re so excited to be back playing shows & we just wanted to have something to play that people could blow off some steam to”.


The Blackpool-born outfit released their highly-charged and critically-acclaimed third album "GLUE" in the midst of the first Covid-induced lockdown, in a total vacuum of live music. “It was just, like, *nothing*, for so long”, remembers vocalist Henry Cox, of the weeks following "GLUE"’s release, the disappointment, the stasis, the disarray. “We got in the funk of it. And not the good kind of funk”. Denied the opportunity to tour their new album, to get under its skin, the band instead began work on new music, somewhat ahead of their typical schedule.

"Carbon Mono" is the fruit of what guitarist Michael Cunniff describes as: “the most joyful writing sessions we’d ever had”, tapping into teen influences of the late 90s – the Cardigans, the Cranberries, later-era Depeche Mode. The track was recorded at Stustustudio, the Brixton recording location run by producer Larry Hibbitt. “I realised that, as awful as that dark period in 2020 had been, it was also a blessing in disguise”, says Cunniff. “We’d changed labels, and we wanted to try new things, and we had this space to do something different. We weren’t exhausted from ten months on the road”.

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