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Sounds | Black Mirrors - Lost In Desert

Ik krijg zo het gevoel dat 'onze' Black Mirrors hun sound aan het verruimen zijn ondanks dat ik voldoende herkenning blijf vinden in deze nieuwe song. Lost In Desert klinkt als een vette knipoog naar QOTSA, wat natuurlijk als referentie niet mis is. Het geeft trouwens een duidelijk beeld van de torenhoge ambities van de Brusselaars: België mag dan de thuisbasis zijn, maar mikken doen ze alvast internationaal.

Tomorrow Will Be Without Us verschijnt op 4 november 2022 via Napalm Records. LIVE vrijdag 18 november 2022, Botanique (Brussel, BE)

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About the new video, the band states:

“For this song, Pierre found the inspiration in the Tabernas desert in Spain. Years ago, we shot the video of Moonstone there and the hugeness of the area inspired the mood of Lost in Desert. This song is about going somewhere else when you don't feel you belong where you are anymore. It's about going to a place where it's vast. A place where you are going back to your roots, what you truly are. It's about finding an asylum where there's nothing but an open space to think, a place for introspection and to find yourself again.“

“The faceless people idea is inspired by People are strange by The Doors.“ Says the band about the new video. “When you're down, everyone appears wicked and scary and you just want to avoid them. You want to find a place to hide, an asylum per se.“

Marcella comments about the buzzard: “I always felt close to buzzards, I always find solace when I hear them and see them in the sky. They bring me hope and light in bad times, and help me take some distance with my issues. That’s why I wanted to have one in our video.”


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