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Sounds | Arch Enemy, Deceiver Deceiver

In de categorie 'vrouwen met een angstaanjagende strot' zijn Arch Enemy misschien wel een voorloper. Om één of andere reden is het echter nooit bij me aangeslaan. Op Deceiver, Deceiver pakken ze uit met een razende wervelwind aan gitaren en drums en mag Alissa White-Gluz weer eens lekker boosaardig losgaan.

Het is ook oprichter Michael Amott niet ontgaan: alweer vier jaar gelden dat ze nog iets op de wereld loslieten, inderdaad!


Arch Enemy's founder and chief songwriter Michael Amott comments: "Wait...what? Has it really been four years since we last released new Arch Enemy music? Time flies...especially when you tour the world for a couple of years, decide to take some time off...and then we all get hit with a global fckn pandemic! Everyone's been through hard times these last couple of years, and it's beautiful to see everything coming back now. This very much feels like the right moment to return with a brand new song, 'Deceiver, Deceiver'! Not the happiest of tunes, but believe me - we're ecstatic to be back!"

Time passes, the world changes, but some things remain constant and unassailable. Heavy metal has endured for more than four decades because its spirit is eternal, and few bands embody the intensity, integrity and lofty artistic ambitions of the genre with more dazzling aplomb than Arch Enemy. In 2021, the quintet returns with "Deceiver, Deceiver" - a standalone single that proves once again that Arch Enemy are torchbearers,

upholding and celebrating the heavy metal code.


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