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Sounds | All Them Witches, L'Hôtel Serein

Het zesde nummer uit de Baker's Dozen reeks laat relaxe, laidback blues horen. Welk genre ze ook aanpakken of welke blend ze ook mixen, ATW blijft magistraal sterke nummers afleveren.


"To me L'hôtel Serein is one of those classic pieces of architecture we know from music myth. Much like your "House of the Rising Sun" or your "Hotel California," this building can't be classified for one single purpose. Is it an inn? Or a brothel or a prison? Or is it just one's own mind? Whatever the case, it would behoove oneself to not spend an extended amount of time in L'hôtel Serein. Mothers beware! Good friends, shield your eyes and don't dally at its doors! " – Parks

Versatile hard rock quartet from Nashville, Tennessee, All Them Witches, thrive on contrast. Now six records deep into a tenure that began in 2012, Ben McLeod (guitarist,) Charles Michael Parks, Jr. (bass/vocals,) Robby Staebler (drums,) and Allan Van Cleave (keys) are unremittingly forward-looking. There is a ferocious energy and rhythmic nuance to the band that delivers devastating guitar riffs in a raw blend of progressive, bluesy, neo-psychedelic rock.

All Them Witches’ most recent record »Nothing As The Ideal« was recorded in Abbey Road and released September 4, 2020 on New West Records. They continue to hone their unique meld of crafted songwriting and spacious grooves on the road with 30+ date tour this year with plays at Shakey Knees Festival and a sold-out Halloween show at Ryman Auditorium in their hometown, Nashville. All Them Witches have deep musical roots and grow a heavy, visceral sound, with sheer dexterity delivered in every song.


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