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Sounds | All Them Witches, Acid Face

Oh waarom niet, na vier eerdere, ronduit sublieme nummer, gaan ze nu ook eens even een (oud) Santanake doen. Niet zomaar hoor, ze blazen de legende gewoon weg. ATW kills it, again! Lieve mensen, pretty please, beluister dit a.u.b. eens aandachtig en met een open geest ... en vertel me dan dat er hier niet op een ongelooflijk hoog niveau gemusiceerd wordt, dat dit je helemaal niets doet!


"If you’ve ever seen Santana’s Woodstock set you know why we called our new jam Acid Face. Nothing compares to the energy or sound that Santana was putting out back then. After taking two forced years off as a band we turned it back on for a week straight in my studio. The routine was simple - hit record and go until the wheels fell off. Acid Face gives me that sense of explosive percussive energy that they brought into the world and gives the excitement of layering grooves that push forward through time. 18 minutes and not a second gets old for me. Enjoy our nod to one of the GOATS"

– Robby

Versatile hard rock quartet from Nashville, Tennessee, All Them Witches, thrive on contrast. Now six records deep into a tenure that began in 2012, Ben McLeod (guitarist,) Charles Michael Parks, Jr. (bass/vocals,) Robby Staebler (drums,) and Allan Van Cleave (keys) are unremittingly forward-looking. There is a ferocious energy and rhythmic nuance to the band that delivers devastating guitar riffs in a raw blend of progressive, bluesy, neo-psychedelic rock.

All Them Witches’ most recent record »Nothing As The Ideal« was recorded in Abbey Road and released September 4, 2020 on New West Records. They continue to hone their unique meld of crafted songwriting and spacious grooves on the road with 30+ date tour this year with plays at Shakey Knees Festival and a sold-out Halloween show at Ryman Auditorium in their hometown, Nashville. All Them Witches have deep musical roots and grow a heavy, visceral sound, with sheer dexterity delivered in every song.


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