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Sounds | 49 Winchester - Tulsa

Ik moet steeds meer lachen wanneer ik deze band hoor, zowel omwille van de zonnige sfeer die ze uitstralen als om het feit dat ik eerst niet over die zang kon. Ondertussen heb ik frontman Isaac Gibson wat beter leren kennen en de band ook live aan het werk gezien. Dat scheelt een serieuze slok op de borrel, in dit geval toch. Tulsa is opnieuw een vrij laid- back nummer met flitsend gitaarwerk, een vette ondersteunende orgel en een heerlijk meezingrefrein. Voor de kenners: yep, het refrein refereert weldegelijk naar de klassieker Tulsa Time van de legendarische Don Williams.

Leavin' This Holler verschijnt op 2 augustus 2024 via New West Records.


“This song is a rock & roll'er with an interesting backstory” explains lead singer Isaac Gibson. “I wrote it on a frigid night in 2022, leaving a show at the Mercury Lounge in Tulsa. It was in the middle of a blizzard on the way to a run of shows through Texas. The interstate was covered in snow; we jack-knifed the van and trailer sideways on the road and it was just a sketchy situation altogether. My anxiety wasn't helped by the fact that Oklahoma had recently legalized a plant we've been known to be fond of, and that's ultimately where the song comes from. It's one of those snapshots of a moment in time in my life, where I just put pen to paper to ease my mind.” 

The upcoming album is the highly anticipated follow up to their New West debut Fortune Favors the Bold. Met with overwhelming critical acclaim, Rolling Stone called them “Country Music’s Buzziest of Buzz Bands,” and also named it one of the “25 Best Country and Americana Albums of 2022.” Bandcamp named Fortune Favors the Bold one of the “Best Country Records of 2022,” as did No Depression, Holler, PopMatters, Whiskey Riff, WMOT, and more. The album quickly generated over 150 million global streams and the band also received a nomination for “Best Duo or Group” at last year’s Americana Music Awards. 

Hailing from Castlewood, Virginia (population: 1,122) in Southern Appalachia — a place where opportunity seldom knocks — 49 Winchester came to fruition when Isaac Gibson, his childhood best friend, Chase Chafin, and his hometown crony, guitarist Bus Shelton, decided to step off the front porch (on Winchester Street) and take their music to whatever stage would have them. 


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