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Sounds | 22 For Silicon Alone, Lapazule

Lapazule van 22 For Silicon Alone verscheen reeds begin dit jaar, maar nu is er ook een full album van het project rond de Brusselse songwriter Alexis Pfrimmer. Omdat de muziek geen licht verteerbare brok is en ik graag voldoende tijd neem alles deftig te beluisteren, gooi ik toch maar als smaakmaker deze song online. Alexis noemt zijn project Art Space Rock, inspiratie voor de bandnaam vond hij dan ook op de website van NASA. Wat ik daar allemaal over denk of bij voel, kom je eerstdaags te weten. Dat het een uiterst ambitieus 'werkstuk' is, daar kan je i.i.g. vanop aan. Probeer zelf maar eens op basis van de twee tracks die we jullie hier reeds aanbieden.

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‘22 for Silicon Alone’ is an audiovisual project, led by Alexis Pfrimmer, singer/songwriter, producer & director, based in Brussels. As he was looking for a name to encapsulate this project, he stumbled upon those four words '22 for Silicon Alone' on NASA's official website. They were music to his ears. Apparently related to the composition of a space suit, 22 mm of silicon is the thickness from which you would be fully protected from rays in outer space. He added up a very personal meaning to it : 'what happens when we stop protecting ourselves and we start sharing and connecting?'

Equally influenced by cinema and music, he committed himself to a set of rules, in the vein of Lars Von Trier & Thomas Vinterberg's Dogma 95 to elaborate the plot and conditions of his concept album. Such as replacing the conventional guitar/bass combo with a violin and baryton saxophone, avoid being confined within a genre, leaving space for improvisations and imperfections or even recording altogether. With this project he had the desire to bring together everything that drives him, inspired by artistic gestures going from Mike Patton to David Bowie including The Mars Volta, David Byrne, Salvador Dali or even David Lynch, he never hesitates to dive into surrealism. For him, creating is all about offering to see the invisible whether it's a matter of emotions or sensations. As the project grew, he met François Vinsot, former reporter who worked for BBC & AFP, who’s now writing fictions, together they co-wrote the lyrics for the whole album in only 10 days. On the way, he had the chance to collaborate with a lot of different talents such as the young violinist Joachim Baumerder (Social Silence, Carmen Sea, MAGMA, Ibrahim Maalouf), the saxophonist Marti Melia Marganon (Under the Reef Orchestra), the producer Niels Borrey (The Pink Syrups) to only name a few.


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