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Nieuws | From Dusk Till Doom V: Anniversary Edition

"Referees don't go fast"... So From Dusk Till Doom is back in 2023! 10 years after the first edition, 5th chapter, 1st edition in 5 years,... Don't these round numbers call for some celebration? In fact, From Dusk Till Doom V will be special edition. Indeed, after a long break and before possibly going back in the future to discover new domesque territories, it seemed obvious to us to take a moment back to the past, to these first 4 editions. So the poster for this FDTD5 will exclusively consist of groups that have already graced the festival scene. We're hoping this poster speaks as much to the Doomers familiar to From Dusk... One thing is for sure with us, we will do our best to ensure that this anniversary edition gives everyone an exquisite, “suspended” Doom moment. Welcome to From Dusk Till Doom V!

Italian class is not just an idea.

In their range, (EchO), the Doomers of Lake Garda, are a solid incarnation of it.

This group led since 2007 by Mauro, Simone and their mates, aimed from the start for the top of the heap. Beyond their own talent, the least we can say is that the group knows how to have the right people around. This is evidenced in particular by the long-standing collaboration with Mr. Greg Chandler of Esoteric for the production of their albums, and the clear-obscure vocal contribution of Heike Langhans on 2 tracks of their latest album, Witnesses.

This 4th album with less rounded angles sees the Italians take more arid and raw paths to achieve what we could call "Doomcore" if we dared.

The next band to join this anniversary edition is sharing some common points with the 1st one already announced …

It is also hailing from the melodic fringe of the Doom scene…

These musicians are also coming from the southern part of Europe…

And just as (EchO), also performed@FDTD4...

Ladies & gents, please Welcome the Spanish Death/Doom masters Evadne !

Zaterdag 7 oktober, Centre Culturel d'Engis, Engis


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