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Nieuws | dunk!festival 2022: nog maar eens nieuwe namen!

De nieuwe namen blijven binnenstromen en dus kunnen we jullie nog maar eens vijf bands voor dit festival, voor het eerst in Kunstencentrum Vooruit, voorstellen.

- Persbericht -

Canadian trio Yoo Doo Right bring together elements of noisy art rock, space rock psychedelia, and post-rock-inspired melodic hooks to create a sound that is somehow massive and sprawling, yet still focused and meticulous. In the truest sense of the phrase, this set is going to be a choose-your-own-adventure type of thing, as it is equally easy to imagine audience members engaged in eyes-closed internal journeys as it to see them dancing free of inhibitions.

In many ways ambassadors of the archetypal Belgian metal sound, Eleanora constructs a cohesive cross-section of styles, forging post-metal, sludge, and screamo into a familiar but distinctive fusion. They possess an impressive ability to move confidently between scorching ferocity and moody atmospherics, equally as comfortable mounting a passionately emotional crescendo as they are baiting the pit with aggressively chugging riffs.

Veteran post-metallers Stories From The Lost were once a festival staple, but it’s been a while since they’ve graced our stage. This is a much different animal than what dunk!festival audiences last witnessed, though; not just heavier, but tangibly weightier, this is music designed to crush everything in its path, a heaving, chugging machine that communicates in decibels and forsakes the faint-hearted.

Swedish band Feed Me To The Waves encapsulates much of what modern traditional post-rock can be at its strongest, with a careful sense of balance contributing considerably to their powerful, affecting compositions. This promises to be a set thick with atmosphere, one that fosters self-reflection, vulnerability, and eventually an overwhelming sense of connection with our surroundings.

This Ghent collective’s take on psychedelic rock is rife with mystery and a dark sort of spirituality, informed by principles of doom metal without being anchored in that genre. Rook have that special ability to construct a sturdy wall around their music, and it’s nearly impossible to find oneself inside that space without being completely immersed.


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