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Nieuws | Desertfest 2022: eerste namen.

- Persbericht - Now that you’ve secured your Early Bird, of course you are dying to find out what’s in store. Or maybe you wanted to wait out this first announcement before shelling over your hard-earned cash? Whatever may be the case, the wait is over. We are excited to share our first names with you, for both the Antwerp and Ghent edition. A couple of scene stalwarts, as well as some more out-there choices. Here we go! Confirmed for ANTWERP & GHENT: ELDER and PALLBEARER are two legendary tastes that go very well together. To drive that point home, they will be appearing together at both Desertfest Belgium editions this fall. That’s it, that’s the message - don’t tell us you need to know any more to get your engines revving! But just in case, we’ll throw in IRIST and their unholy mix of metalcore and doom. All of these will be appearing in both Antwerp and Ghent. Confirmed for ANTWERP ONLY are the illustrious don’t-call-it-post outfit CAVE-IN, and balls-to-the-wall rock band GOZU. Confirmed for GHENT ONLY we have the Japanese post-screamo legends ENVY, and French apocalyptic doomsayers REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER. Only one more thing left to say: go get your tickets! Reduced Combi formulas are now available, for the separate events as well as one super-duper joint combi-to-rule-them-all: DF ANTWERP & GHENT REDUCED COMBI: 149 Euros (valid 4 days: 14-16/10 - Antwerp & 30/10 - Ghent) DF ANTWERP ONLY REDUCED COMBI: 120 Euros (valid 3 days: 14-16/10 - Antwerp) DF GHENT ONLY REDUCED DAY TICKET: 52 Euros (valid 1 day: 30/10 - Ghent) We’ll be back with more names to add, very soon..

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