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Nieuws | Desertfest 2022: Eerste headliner en een resem andere namen

- Persbericht -

We are very excited to share our first headliner for Antwerp with you. The Brian Jonestown Massacre will make their very first appearance ever at Desertfest Belgium on Friday 14 October. They are and remain one of the most exciting and radical, truly psychedelic acts in the world of rock today. Anton for president!

We can follow up right here and now with even more good news! We have no less than 3 bands from the esteemed Heavy Psych Sounds roster confirmed to play Desertfest Antwerp this year. Scene favorites High Reeper will be there, along with Hippie Death Cult and Sleepwulf. That’s a trifecta of classic hardrock alumni we’re more than willing to party with.

Portland champs Red Fang will be there to bring another round of their beer-swilling, good-times rollin', shredder-shreddin' Rawk to our stage. We also welcome back the Chicago Hippie Killers of Bongripper, bringing it slow, slower and nasty. And for the first time gracing our stage will be Unida, the legend from Palm Desert.

An entire change of pace will come from IIVII, the dark experimental project by Red Sparowes' Josh Graham. Heavy Psych represents again through the double kick-ass stoner fun of Mothership and throwback heavy rockers Sasquatch.

As you can see, that's quite the range of old acquaintances to catch up with. Now all you need is those sweet tickets, and you're all set. Speak of the devil…

Reduced combi’s for the separate festivals are still available at the ticket page, as well as one super-duper deal for both. Still not wholly convinced? We swear we'll get to you next time… stay (down)tuned!


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