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Fotoverslag | Oneida + Fondry - Le Botanique

Monday I was back at one of my favourite venues for concerts, Le Botanique, and more specifically the Rotonde. That room has a really special atmosphere and setup to enjoy any type of music. This time was for me to discover the trio Fondry, formed by a guitar, a bass guitar and drums, playing what they claim to be music “farouchement improvisée” or in English fiercely improvised but also resolutely uninhibited and welcoming. The trio, hunting inspiration in post punk, sound design and pop, improvise their music live and on stage. Even more, they are currently recording every concert to release a mashup of the best moments.

Next up was Oneida, for which the Rotonde got full at almost its limit. Oneida, an experimental indie rock band from Brooklyn, (New York-US) got the crowd to dance with their groovy riffs, the sounds of the antique keyboard, and analog electric pianos. Assembled more than a quarter century ago, these friends still display a great sense of camaraderie and passion for music, spreading their energy and enthusiasm to their fans who didn’t stop moving till the very end of the show.

From a photographer perspective, the fast lights posed a challenge when trying to capture the groovy atmosphere and the fast movements of Bobby Matador, who contagiously made me dance as well throughout the performance.




maandag 13 maart 2023, Le Botanique (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara


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