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Fotoverslag | Europavox Festival 2023 - Le Botanique

Europavox helps European music artists to be known around Europe. Every year they organise seven festivals in seven European countries, among which is Belgium, to present the best bands selected from their pool of artists.

On Sunday February 26 I had the pleasure to listen to and shoot six different bands.

Anna Erhard

The first artist on stage, playing at the beautiful Rotonde, was led by songwriter Anna Erhard from Switzerland, presenting her Indie-folk music. The room filled up slowly and she captivated everyone with her voice and her melancholic melodies talking about love.

Ada Oda

Next up, but at the Orangerie, was the dynamic Ada Oda and her band, delighting the audience with their energetic punk-pop-rock style. It was impossible not to dance at their Italian tunes, especially when Victoria Barracato, the lead singer, joined the audience to sing one of their songs, offering a performance that didn’t leave anyone without a big smile on their face.

Marta del Grandi

The third group of the night, and back to the Rotonde, was Marta del Grandi, an Italian singer and songwriter, offering a performance full of emotions and filled up with subtle pop ballads, that she sings with one of the sweetest voices I’ve ever heard.

Use Knife

Next on the Orangerie stage was Use Knife, the perfect and exceptional Belgo-Iraqi music fusion. Starting with the Iraqi percussion performed by Saif Al-Qaissy, the trio performed behind three white but translucid curtains their electronic music with catchy techno rhythms mixed with percussion. This fusion was a totally new experience for me and a big challenge as a photographer, to be able to capture their emotions and energy. Also, earplugs were definitely necessary though, specially when trying to find the best angle to shoot from the front.

Aoife Nessa Frances

The following artist to perform at the Rotonde was the Irish Aoife Nessa Frances. What captivated me at first was the magnificent harp accompanying the artist that matched perfectly her electronic rock.

Camilla Sparksss

Last but not least, the Orangerie had the pleasure to host the talented Barbara Lehnhoff, artistically know as Camilla Sparksss and her dark electro music. She offered the audience a fantastic last show to close festival with a dynamic and captivating performance mixing her own music pressed on vinyl, combined with her own vocals and synthesisers. As with the previous band performing at the Orangerie, earplug were again totally necessary for an overall new and energetic experience for me.


zondag 26 februari 2023, Le Botanique (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara

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