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Sounds | Subterranean Street Society & Lewin - Fear Of Fond Farewells

Een hele mond vol, die bandnaam en dan nog eens de titel van het prachtige nummer. Yep, ik ben fan van de stemmen van Louis & Jara, van deze song én hoe ze beide versies hebben 'samengeplakt'. Niet altijd makkelijk voor het oor, want erg verschillende interpretaties (folk meets jazz), maar toch knap gedaan hoor.

Fado verscheen op 23 september 2022.

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‘Fear of Fond Farewells’ by Subterranean Street Society and Lewin is a collaboration in a most unusual way - two separate songs can be overlaid on top of each other, to create a track where two ex-lovers sing their own stories of the same relationship. When the romance between Louis of Subterranean Street Society and Jara of Lewin ended, Louis went to Portugal with his guitar to write about his heartbreak. The result was a collection of raw and honest tunes about commitment, fear, doubt and love. One of the songs, ‘Fear of Fond Farewells’ - a long, rambling tune full of verses with specifics that only two lovers would recognise, a Dylan-esque journey through fragments of a failed relationship, stood out to Louis’ band member Ivo Schot. Ivo wanted to produce the new songs for a band-album, and decided to give Lewin a call. "What if you write a song on top of Louis’ song? Giving your own perspective on it?" Lewin did, trying to find her space in the silences between Louis’ words, and choosing a slightly incongruous time-signature for her overlaid track, to signify the mismatch she had also felt in their time together. Recorded in December 2021, the two exes met up in the studio to record their songs on top of each other, and on the same day, shot a video to go with the release. But the project was kept under wraps for a long time - no one has heard the combined tracks until today. facebook


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