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Sounds | Ronker - MJ

Ze ronken op hun allereerste song ooit geschreven misschien een héél klein beetje trager, daarom echter niet minder heftig. Alle elementen die we uit hun meer recente singles kennen zijn aanwezig, dus ... aanschaffen dat (on)ding én hen live gaan beleven.

De werkweek is nu definitief begonnen!

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Klik hier om te weten waar je hen live aan het werk kan zien.


RONKER takes you on a trip to the nineties, where Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls are all the rage and guitar-music is as his most vibrant.

Over the course of four minutes MJ races towards a climax of fuzzy guitars and violent screams.

Lyrically the track tackles the thought “do we really need to be like our heroes?”

MJ is a one-off track and also the first song the band ever wrote. It doesn’t appear on the soon to be released EP ‘Self-Loathing, Self-Help’ (out via LABELMAN on April 7.)

Because there will never be another Jordan, MJ is no package-deal.

Produced by 90’s-kid and punkrock veteran Tim Toegaert, the song shows a whole other side of the band; slower and moodier.


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