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Sounds | Jo Quail - The Calling

Niet makkelijk verteerbaar, wel een perfecte fit voor een zondag. Quail en Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari gaan hier zéér spiritueel en ingetogen tewerk. De zang van Fornasari zweeft boven een klankbed gedomineerd door de cello en wat synths. Meer moet dat niet zijn.

Invocation / Supplication is verschenen op 3 november via By Norse Music.


Award-winning composer and cellist Jo Quail has released Invocation and Supplication, two three-song cycles in the form of an album. On Invocation, you'll be able to hear Maria Franz (Heilung) as a guest vocalist. Supplication features the vocal contribution of Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari.

Jo Quail comments: "Invocation and Supplication have been by my side, weaving through my life for many months now. From the initial solo acoustic cello starting point each note and phrase seemed to flow, finding its space, augmented and brought to life by the incredible performances from all my guests. I offer these songs to you with gratitude for your support and your time in listening, and I hope they bring you a landscape in which to explore your own richness and depth. With love."


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