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Sounds | Fire Down Below - Airwolf

Ik weet niet of dit voor de fans een 'dansbaar' nummer is, maar dat FDB hier verdomme een supervette groove te pakken heeft, dat staat buiten kijf. Het geluid van de basgitaar alleen al, maar ook de riff ... serieuze shit! Ik heb bovendien de indruk dat Jeroen vocaal een stuk sterker staat dan in het verleden. Twee compacte songs op rij met een ferme drive. Benieuwd of de zo gekende langere songs er deze keer plaats moeten ruimen.

Low Desert Surf Club verschijnt op 8 september 2023 via Ripple Music.

Ter Info

"Airwolf is our dancing song. It started with a cool groove for a verse and then we tried a few different choruses with it. The one that stuck has a grungey feeling to it that we really dig. Lyrically, it's kind of a middle finger to the 'yolo' stupidity we often see on social media. Hence: 'you live every day, you only die once."

Formed in Ghent (Belgium) in 2015, Fire Down Below first stepped into the spotlight with their self-released debut album Viper Vixen Goddess Saint in 2016. The album quickly garnered international praise and caught the attention of California-based label Ripple Music, home of some of the finest bands in the world of stoner, doom and heavy rock. Ripple Music re-released VVGS worldwide and released its sophomore album Hymn of the Cosmic Man in 2018. The second album again received excellent critique and Fire Down Below played over 30 shows throughout Europe in the next year.

Album three, Low Desert Surf Club, was recorded in late 2022. The band sought and found a producer in Nick DiSalvo, famed frontman of the bands Elder and Delving. Richard Behrens (Samsara Blues Experiment, Big Snuff Studio Berlin) was added to the team to record and mix the nine tracks on the album. Low Desert Surf Club will be released on 8 September 2023. With the new album, Fire Down Below is once again ready to rock any stage.

Fire Down Below has become known for energetic live shows, with sweat often dripping from the walls by the time they quit the stage. They have shared line ups with bands like Fu Manchu, Sleep, Monster Magnet, Acid King, Naxatras and Stoned Jesus and appeared on festival such as Desertfest Antwerp (BE), Desertfest London (UK), Desertfest Ghent (BE), Alcatraz Hard Rock and Metal Festival (BE), Ripplefest Cologne (GER) and Westill Fest (FR).


Kevin Gernaey - lead guitar

Sam Nuytens - drums

Jeroen Van Troyen - vocals, guitar

Bert Wynsberghe - bass facebook

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