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Concerttip | Wet Leg, Trix

Is your muffin buttered? Ik hoop het wel, want de meest gehypte band van 2022 komt naar België! De recensies van Wetleg zijn unaniem lovend, en niet zonder reden...

Indie-sensatie verovert de wereld met hun heerlijk absurde, zelfbewuste lyrics en gedeelde liefde voor The Ronettes, Jane Birkin, Ty Segall en Björk.

De recensies van het Wet Leg debuutalbum zijn dan ook unaniem lovend...

"Wet Leg’s self-titled LP is the most infectious, alluring, irresistible, and downright fun debut record that’s come our way in a long, long time" - Clash Magazine, 9/10

"An instant classic debut that justifies the hype" - NME ★★★★★

"Wet Leg’s self-titled debut is the sneeringly sarcastic, relentlessly catchy post-punk record the world as been fiending for" - Rolling Stone ★★★★

"It is an absolute blast, a crunchy, punchy, smart, deliciously goofy charge through new wave pop rock. It bursts with earworm hooks, snappy choruses and the delightful sense that the duo at its heart are having such a hoot they don’t really care what anyone else thinks." - The Telegraph, 8/10

"Packed with righteous middle fingers and playful bon mots" - DIY Magazine ★★★★★

"The album is a glorious selection of bright ideas" - Louder Than War, 9/10

"Wet Leg ... is the sound of a plan coming together" - Mojo ★★★★

"Brisk and adrenalised, Wet Leg leaves little room to get bored, and is impressively low on filler for a debut" - Uncut, 8/10

"Duo’s first album is bawdy, smart and highly entertaining" - Paste, 8/10

(Bron: Trix)

Vrijdag 4 november 2022, Trix Antwerpen

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