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Concerttip | Codeine + Deathcrash - Le Botanique

90’s band Codeine is playing 10 EU/UK shows in support of their lost album Dessau, recorded in 1992 but released just last year, along with new, colored vinyl reissues of their three original Sub Pop records: Frigid Stars LP, Barely Real(EP), and The White Birch, all via the archival label Numero Group.

With the release of Frigid Stars LP (1990), Codeine almost single-handedly invented what would later become known as "slowcore." Predating influential albums by kindred spirits Low and Duster by almost half a decade, Codeine's slow, graceful songs support lyrics that are a disturbingly pure embodiment of depression. The band ground to a halt in 1995, their final release being a cover of Joy Division’s “Atmosphere,” which recently found its way onto the tv series,13 Reasons Why.

These will be Codeine’s first non-US shows since 2012 (when they played a similar number of dates supporting Numero’s compendium, When I See the Sun) and follow sold-out shows in New York City and LA earlier this year.

With “Less”, the British slowcore group Deathcrash makes a resounding comeback “alternating ethereal passages and instrumentation packed with crazy speed” as described by the magazine Les Oreilles Curieuses. For lovers of post-rock and slowcore, this concert is for you!

(Bron: Le Botanique)

Vrijdag, 08 september 2023, Le Botanique (Brussels, BE)


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